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16.01.2013 Valeriy Mochalov, head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30

Final Russian team list for the Women´s WFC 2013 Qualifications.

The national women’s floorball team is to take part in Europe 2 qualifying matches for the ninth Women’s World Floorball Championship 2013. The matches in this group will be held from 30th January to 3rd February in Babimost, Poland. The teams which will participate in the qualification tournament have been ranked according to the results of the WFC 2011 and 2009 in four qualification groups which are Europe 1, Europe 2, Asia & Oceania and Americas. here.. [print]

19.11.2012 Valeriy Mochalov, head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30

Our projection: Russia will be the 10th in the World Floorball Championship 2012.

On the threshold of the World Floorball Championship, which will take place 2nd - 9th of December 2012 in Switzerland, we’d like to bring to your attention our projection of the performance of the Russian National Team. At the group stage it will play with Canada, Finland and Germany. Our group D doesn’t look the weakest one but at the same time it’s not the strongest at all. It seems to us that the group B is the group of «death»: Sweden, Norway, Poland and Hungary. The major intrigue will break out in the match between Poland and Hungary, because it depends on the result which team in the play-off will be struggling for the 9th-12th places and which one for the 13th-16th. here.. [print]

07.11.2012 Valeriy Mochalov, head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30

Congratulations to Barack Obama!

We congratulate Barack Obama on his re-election as the president of the USA! We hope that the president-elect will give a new impetus to the development of the floorball in the USA. We also venture to suppose that our congratulation will be adequately interpreted by our «friends» headed by the «best friend» of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30 who won’t accuse me of Americanism, Russophobia, Zionism, advocacy of an American way of life and my participation in a Jewish-freemasonic plot as well as of a dislike for our Country. here.. [print]

29.10.2012 Valeriy Mochalov, head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30

Nauka-Trevelstroy on the EuroFloorball Cup 2012.

Photo: Valeriy Mochalov
It is known that the women’s floorball club from Arkhangelsk region Nauka-Trevelstroy participated in the EuroFloorball Cup in August and October. But in this article we would like to talk about whether this participation has been legitimate or not according to the events which have recently taken place in the Russian floorball. here.. [print]

03.10.2012 Manager of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30 Dmitriy Sazonov

To refuse accreditation...

Today in Moscow in the Ministry of Sports of Russia under the chairmanship of Mr. Pavel Kolobkov, Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, a meeting of the commission concerning the issue of accreditation of Russian Floorball Federation has taken place. here.. [print]

18.07.2012 Henrik Jansson, Innebandymagazinet

Valeriy Mochalov: «Since the inauguration of the first floorball arena in Russia we will be able to invite top teams from Europe».

Photo: Valeriy Mochalov
The head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30 Valeriy Mochalov answered the questions of the journalists from Innebandymagazinet Henrik Jansson. You should read the full text of the interview which is published on the website of the leading Swedish magazine Innebandymagazinet. here.. [print]

22.06.2012 Valeriy Mochalov, head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30

Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30 is going to have a new Floorball Arena.

The opening of the first Floorball Arena in Russia will be held In Nizhny Novgorod in November, 1th 2012. This modern Floorball sports center will be built in Nizhny Novgorod School 30 area. The total project cost makes up more than 100 million of Rubles or 2 424 830 Euros. Funds for the building were allocated from budget of Nizhny Novgorod. The new Floorball Arena will be a base for the floorball club Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30. here.. [print]

07.02.2011 Valeriy Mochalov, head coach of Nizhny Novgorod FBC-30

Invitation to Four Nation Tournament.

From: Edgars Ikstens [mailto:edgars.ikstens@floorball.lv]
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 5:00 PM
To: crm_floorball@mail.ru; valeriy.mochalov@bk.ru; biuro@pzunihokeja.pl; budzinski@pzunihokeja.pl; info@saalihoki.ee; iiskonmaki@saalihoki.ee
Cc: Ilvis floorball.lv
Subject: Invitation to 4 Nation Tournament here.. [print]

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